Hair Removal

Hair Removal with AFT Pulsed Light – Harmony Laser

Messy, painful and ineffective hair removal methods are now a thing of the past. Today pulsed light with AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) treats unwanted hair with quick and safe bursts of light. Involving no downtime, you can continue with all your regular activities immediately after treatment. Best of all, this non-invasive and effective approach yields permanent hair reduction and long-term hair removal – anywhere on the body – head and face, torso/arms, legs/bikini. (more)

During photoepilation, the pigment (melanin) within hair absorbs the light and converts it into heat. The hair transmits this heat into the hair follicle, which it destroys without damaging the epidermis. Thus, the follicle cannot produce a new hair. All hair follicles go through periods of dormancy and growth. As AFT pulsed light only affects hair follicles that are actively producing hair at the time of treatment, resting follicles must enter the growth phase before they can be effectively treated. For this reason, treatment must be repeated until all hair follicles have passed through the growing phase. Clinical studies indicate that three to six treatments are needed at intervals of between one to three months. Your physician will advise you regarding the optimal number of treatments for you.

The key advantage for patients is a comfortable treatment with little to no irritation, effective permanent reduction of hair and little to no chance of side effects.

Harmony laser procedures for hair removal are considered cosmetic. Our staff will provide you with the cost for the number of treatments your physician recommends at the time of your initial consultation.

Tattoo Removal

Decorative tattooing in humans can be traced back thousands of years. So can the desire to remove them. With the overwhelming popularity of tattoos over the last ten years, the market for effective removal has exploded. Today nearly 10% of adults in the United States have tattoos and more than half regret them and would like to have them eliminated. What looks good at 18 may seem undesirable 20 years later. Viewed by teenagers as self-expression and identity, tattoos may create barriers to employment and social acceptance at a more mature age. (more)

When people subsequently want their tattoos removed, most physicians today consider laser surgery one of the best methods. The Q-switched Nd:YAG is the most frequently used laser for tattoo removal. During treatment, pulses of light from the laser are directed onto the tattoo. These pulses are absorbed by the tattoo, breaking it into pigment particles small enough for removal by the body.

The Q-switched laser is a safe way to remove unwanted tattoos. It is an effective treatment of dark colored tattoo inks such as black, blue and green. Patients should see dramatic results after several treatments.

Tattoo removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and our staff will provide you with the cost of the procedure at your initial consultation.

iPixel Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Do you want to restore the youthful, healthy glow of your skin? iPixel treatments from Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota can significantly decrease the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes, eliminate brown spots and sun spots as well as improve skin texture, tone and firmness. (more)

iPixel is a significant improvement over previous generations of laser skin treatments. Traditional laser resurfacing techniques take a slash and burn approach, causing significant damage to the skin in order to kick in the body’s natural healing process, resulting in renewed more beautiful skin and increased collagen production.

iPixel accomplishes these results while causing significantly less damage, resulting in shorter treatments, shorter recovery periods and beautiful results.

The Next Generation of Skin Rejuvenation Lasers – Shorter Downtimes

One of the key benefits of iPixel Skin Rejuvenation is the fast recovery periods for patients receiving these treatments. Because this system uses 7 equally spaced pixel lasers, there is a significant reservoir of undamaged skin between the laser treated areas. This not only reduces patient downtime and discomfort, but also improves results.

The skin rejuvenation experts at Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota are proud to utilize this cutting edge laser skin rejuvenation treatment because it offers area patients increased precision, significantly reduced treatment times, as well as superior results.

Please contact Plastic Surgery Associates to find out if the revolutionary iPixel treatment is right for you.

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