Our patients have had wonderful experiences and shared their testimonials.

“I have had 3 C-sections and 1 cholecystectomy at Sanford, McKennan and Sioux Falls Surgical Hospital and by far your facility, staff and MD’s were the best. Everyone has been so kind, informative, friendly, and accommodating. The one on one attention was so re-assuring. I will highly recommend all my friends and family to your TEAM and facility. Well done and Thank you.”

“I had a breast reduction. It was an excellent procedure and would highly recommend. Only regret is that I should have done this 10 years ago.”

~ Dena

“1 year and 11 months since I started my journey. God has blessed my life with so many wonderful people. I appreciate everything you and your staff have done to make me feel whole again. May he continue to bless your work here!”

~ Linda

“Several years ago I had silicone implants. Later I had them removed and replaced with saline. Over the years the breast on my left side began to sag. I had extremely uneven breasts. I went on-line and watched Dr. Miller’s video. I was impressed and scheduled a consultation with him. I decided to have a breast augmentation/lift. The surgery went well, but I developed a “dog ear”. Dr. Miller did a revision and I love my new breasts!!! Even when I was young, they didn’t look as good as they do now. I am so glad I chose Dr. Miller to do my surgery. He is so professional and exact. You just know he wants to do his best. I believe he is a bit of a perfectionist, but that is a very good thing!! I would choose him again in a heartbeat! Because I was so pleased with my results I recommended him to my daughter who had the same procedure with excellent results too. Her surgery went as smoothly as mine. Thank you Dr, Miller!”

 “I had an awesome experience with Dr. Meyer. I just wanted to feel better about myself and a little more sexy. Awesome experience with Dr, Meyer!”

“Dr. Miller and his staff are incredible. He explained everything in full detail and answered any questions I had. I am very satisfied with the procedures and there are NO scars. It’s amazing how much ‘added’ confidence I have! Dr. Miller and staff are incredible.”

 “Having had breast cancer many years ago I realized reconstruction surgery would not be a simple surgery. Radiation had damaged my chest muscles and making my breasts symmetrical again would take some very special skills in a surgeon. Dr. Breit did an amazing job. He was professional and extremely talented in his approach to my surgery. I am very satisfied with the results and wonder to myself why I didn’t have this surgery sooner.”

~ Bev

 “Had a great experience with Dr. Breit and his staff!

~ LB

“Love Love the Staff”

 “I came to Dr. Breit to learn about the breast reduction procedure in hopes of providing relief for my chronic back pain, bra strap markings and overall comfort.  I was confident in him and his team and went forth with the procedure.  I am beyond happy with my results and it was the best decision I could have made.  My back pain has gone away and my overall health has improved, not to mention I look amazing in clothes!  If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would.  Thanks Dr. Breit.”

~ Jessica-24 years old

 “I have had very large breasts all of my life it seems.  They would fluctuate with weight, but finally became so uncomfortable both physically and emotionally.  My back and neck hurt so badly that I was going to the chiropractor and massage therapist at least once a month.  I finally talked to my doctor and she suggested breast reduction surgery and Dr. Meyer of Plastic Surgery Associates.  It was the best thing that I have ever done for myself.  I feel great, clothes fit better and my confidence is much improved.  I recommend it to all of my friends who are considering reduction surgery and I tell them that I wish that I would have done it years ago. “

~ Jennifer-Breast Reduction

 “An unexpected compliment from a coworker.  She asked my age, when I told her I was 56, she said “wow, I’m 46 and I thought I was older than you! Thank you Dr. Breit!”

~ Martha-Facelift

 “The staff were all very friendly and did not make you feel uncomfortable in any way.  I was golfing after 3 weeks and serving a volley ball after 4 weeks.  I was able to lift my one year old after two days (without worry) afer one day I could lift him, but took it easy for my own personal preference.”

~ Janelle

“Dr. Breit did an awesome job.  He understood exactly the look I was going for and everything looks totally natural.  No one even asks me if I’ve had anything done, it just looks and feels like me.  I will absolutely refer people to see him and will be back myself if I ever need anything else.  Thank you Dr. Breit ad your amazing staff.”


“Before I had the knowledge of what pro hormones could do, I took them. Within a year and a half I started noticing lumps under my nipples. At first I was scared they were cancerous. After doctoring for my lumps, I was referred to Plastic Surgery Associates. They did a great job removing the lumps under my nipples. I have had no adverse effects.”

“I have struggled for years with my “Muffin Top” and now it is gone and my clothes fit great and I get compliments all the time. It was worth every penny and the staff was great!”

~ Erica

“I have had large breasts since I was 13 and I didn’t have surgery until I was 31. My only regret about surgery was not having it done sooner. I thought about surgery for at least ten years and I never got brave enough to go in until this year. This clinic was so helpful with every single question and concern I had. I even called with questions after I left the office. While going into surgery was scary for me, the doctors and staff made me feel at home and I woke up with a smaller chest before I knew it. Now, instead of wearing two sports bras when I run, I wear one. The indents on my shoulders are fading and my breasts are perky like a 21 year old’s would be. My friends who are my age are jealous of my breasts because they look so perfect and round and not too large anymore. Breast Reduction surgery was by far the 2nd best decision I’ve ever made! My first best decision was actually calling to make the appointment!”

“I felt so horrible about myself and my body. My stomach and breasts never returned to anything normal after my children were born. My back hurt for so long. I had numerous massages, chiropractic adjustments, trigger point injections, but nothing helped until my reduction and lift! My middle back pain went from 100% to 10-15%! I’m now also able to wear fun shirts and tops! My tummy tuck was very painful for recovery but so glad I did it! You have to be able to withstand some substantial pain, though. Dr. and staff were Awesome! I have and will continue to use Plastic Surgery Associates of SD for my needs!”

“After nursing my 3 children, breast augmentation was always in my dreams. At my initial consultation I felt very comfortable. I had confidence in my doctor to restore my self-image. Now 3 months after my breast augmentation, I have never looked back and my self-image is restored. Thank you.”

“My journey with breast cancer started in 1997 when I had my left breast removed and did chemo, but decided not to do reconstruction. September of 2010 had a recurrence of cancer in my right breast. My surgeon talked to me about reconstruction and gave me name at Plastic Surgery Associates. Was very pleased with my Doctor and Staff and something new to think about other than cancer. I could not be happier with my new breasts.”

“Dr Breit changed my world. At 67 I am healthier (and shapelier). Because I am a BRCA2 person (one who has a gene mutation) and at my age it is 87% more at risk for breast cancer. So before it struck I took preventative measures and had bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction, including nipples, very important. They are perfect and I wouldn’t take $1 million for them!”

“I have been so impressed with the staff at Plastic Surgery Associates. Thank you for your help today. Everyone has been so wonderful; amazing customer service.”

“4 ½ years after my breasts were removed due to cancer, I went on the journey of reconstruction. The outcome is beautiful!”


 “Dr Miller, nurses and staff are great. It has been quite a journey since my recent surgery (breast lift & tummy tuck). You are a fantastic bunch of people. Thanks to you I will have a new body to love!”


“Dr. Breit and the office staff were always friendly and accommodating. Having a bilateral mastectomy is never enjoyable. They made the reconstruction part as smooth as possible. They were always sensitive to any discomfort I had. They did a great job explaining what to expect. Dr. Breit and staff have great bedside manner and I always felt comfortable sharing my concerns. Dr. Breit was also very supportive in handling all the paperwork involved with getting time off from work. A positive experience overall!”


“There aren’t words to describe how happy I am with my results. Having a mastectomy was a hard decision but Dr. Breit and his staff made the reconstruction a very smooth process. I can look into the mirror and be proud of my new breasts.”


“I decided to get a breast augmentation because I felt disproportionate and wanted to feel like my breasts matched my body type. I could not be happier with my results from my first consult I felt very comfortable and Dr. Breit explained everything very well. I am very happy with my results and don’t regret my decision at all.”


“After years of feeling self-conscious, especially in bathing suites, I finally made the choice to have a breast augmentation. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Breit and I couldn’t have been happier with him as my surgeon! He was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. I am happy with my results & would highly recommend Dr. Breit and Plastic Surgery Associates to anyone considering a breast augmentation.”


After having 4 children I decided to take control of my body again and become a fitness instructor. I have always exercised but not at this level. Once I achieved my fitness goals, I went on a trip and my husband noticed that I couldn’t fill out my swim suit tops. I already wore an extra small, but still couldn’t fill them and everyone ended up seeing my breasts as the result of that. After that trip we decided as a couple that implants were my next step and I was never going on a trip again until I got them. My friend had told me about Dr. Breit so I called. The best decision I have ever made for myself. Dr. Breit was so kind, professional and knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve it. It’s a scary and emotional decision and he and his staff were excellent.


I have 4 children all born by C-section and then I had a full incision hysterectomy. For 18 years I had an excessive amount of tissue that hung on my lower abdomen. I was incredibly insecure about how I looked and was constantly trying to cover up that area. I made the decision to have it surgically corrected and could not be more happy with my results! Dr. Breit and the entire Plastic Surgery Associates staff has been nothing short of amazing. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!


So happy with my breast reduction results. I went from daily headaches and back pain to absolutely zero headaches since surgery. When I was young I loved to run, and thanks to my surgery I am getting back into it and loving it.


I was very nervous heading into this procedure but was put totally at ease from my first appointment on. The follow through from the presurgery call to the operation. I was handled beyond anything I expected from the nurses, to the anesthesiologist, to the doctor it was truly an amazing experience. I would 200% recommend Plastic Surgery Associates of SD and Rivers Edge to anyone searching for the best overall experience.

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